Your Questions About Dating Divas

Who is Melina Perez of the WWE Divas dating?

She’s my favorite Diva and I wondered who she was معلومات مباشر الاسهم السعوديه dating now.


John morrison that why they are both in smackdown so they can be together. Forever

James asks…

Are any of the Divas dating a wrestler?

I know this isnt true but, John Cena and Trish!


Maria is dating cm punk

Mark asks…

In the WWE, which Superstars and Divas are actually dating/married tog in real life?

When i mean موقع تداول الاسهم مباشر dating/married, i mean which superstar and diva are currently موقع اسعار الذهب مباشر dating/marrying each other. please give me as many as you know. also i look for stared answers, not just the first answer, so STAR me.


John Cena(married or about to)
Natalya(married i heard)
Tyson Kidd(dating i think)
Jeff Hardy(dating)
Randy orton(married)
Dolph ziggler(Dating)
John Morrison(I heard he was dating some one)

there’s probably more but i can’t think of all of them i might edit later so yeah…

EDIT:Here are the rest i shearched and got it.

Mickie James – Was previously engaged to Kenny Dykstra and had a brief relationship with Adam Birch ( Joey Mercury ).

Kelly Kelly – Was previously in relationships with Batista and Andrew ‘ Test ‘ Martin.

Michelle McCool – Currently in a relationship with The Undertaker.

Natayla Neidhart – Currently in a relationship with TJ Wilson.

Maria – currently dating CM Punk.

Stephanie McMahon – Currently married to Triple H.

Melina- Was in a relationship with John Morrison.

Charlie Haas – Is married to former WWE Wrestler Jackie Gayda.

Shawn Michaels – Is married to former WCW Diva Whisper.

Past Superstars

Ashley Massaro – Previously dated Paul London.

Chyna – Once dated Triple H and X-Pac.

Sable – Was once married to WWE Superstar Marc Mero. She is now married to former WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar, and are expecting their first child in June, 2009.

Torrie Wilson – Was once married to WWE Superstar Billy Kidman. She is now dating Nick Mitchell ( Nicky of the Spirit Squad ).

Booker T – Is married to Sharmell.

Stacey Keibler – Once dated Andrew ‘ Test ‘ Martin.

Lita – Lita one dated Matt Hardy, and had a brief relationship with WWE Wrestler Edge, whilst and after she was still dating Matt Hardy.

Stone Cold Steve Austin – Was once married to Debra Marshall.

Sharon asks…

Can you name any superstars that are dating divas? forex london session strategy

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Yea of course
randy orton is cheating on his ugly wife with mickie james
stephanie mcmahon is cheating on her ugly husband with john cena
the big show and vickie guerrero are having sex
maria and the great khail are out doing god knows

Chris asks…

Are there any current Superstars that are dating current WWE Divas?


The Miz is dating Maryse
Undertaker is dating Michelle McCool
Justin Gabriel is dating Kelly Kelly
Cody Rhodes is dating Layla El.
John Morrison is dating Melina.
Dolph Ziggler is dating Brie Bella.
CM Punk is dating Beth Phoenix.

That’s about all I know.

John asks…

which wwe superstars and divas are dating in real life?

i think mickie and kenny dykstra are engaged.


Jillian Hall
dating fmr WWE Superstar John Toland

Mickie James
dated Joey Mercury
was engaged to Kenny Dykstra
has on/off relationships with John Cena

Kelly Kelly
dating fmr WWE Superstar Test

Beth Phoenix
married to independant wrestler Joey Knight

Michelle McCool
dating The Undertaker

Nattie Neidhart
dating WWE dev. Superstar TJ Wilson

dated CM Punk

Stephanie McMahon
married to Triple H

dated John Morrison
dating Batista
dated Paul London
dated Matt Hardy

dated Triple H
dated X-Pac

was married to Marc Mero
married to Brock Lesnar

Torrie Wilson
was married to Billy Kidman

Queen Sharmell
married to Booker T

Stacy Keibler
dated fmr. WWE Superstar Test

Jackie Gayda
married to Charlie Haas

dated Matt Hardy
dated Edge

Ken asks…

cm punk dating former divas champion?

i heard com punk khaleej times forex dating lita????????????
here is the link: سعر الذهب اليوم فى السوق السعودى dating-former-wwe-diva-85193

whats ur opinion
the point is whats ur opinion sorry about the former الاسهم مباشر مجانا divas champion!!!!!!!!!


Its true
and she was never divas champion

Nancy asks…

Why not all other WWE superstars date divas in real life?

The Miz is currently market btc dating Maryse and CM Punk was بيع اسهم بوان في البنك الاهلي dating Beth Phoenix but that broke up. Why do other superstars like Randy Orton date women outside WWE?


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Jenny asks…

i heard a rumor batista is dating one of the divas anyone know who?


He was dating Melina.
In an interview he was saying it was meant to be an “innocent fling” but he fell in love with her. So they might still be dating IDK.

Lmfao what’s with all the thumbs down here?
Little teenage girls in love with batista trying to deny he could ever have a relationship?

Batista dated Melina. They’ve both confirmed it numerous times. DEAL.

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