Your Questions About Boyfriend Tag Questions

answers: متاجره الذهب

السوق السعودي تداول اليوم مباشر

you go out to eat and have a drink what does she order

what size shoe does she wear

if she was collecting anything what would it be

what is her favorite type of sandwich

what would this person eat everyday if she could

what is her favorite cereal

whats her fav music

whats her fav sports team

whats her eye color

who’s her best friend

what is something you do that she wishes you wouldnt

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whats her heritage/where she’s from

you bake her a cake for her bday what kind of cake

did she play any sports

what could she spend hours doing

what is one unique talent she has

George asks…

Questions to ask for a boyfriend TAG?

Justbas the question says!!!


What is your favorite movie
what is your favorite song
what is your favorite tv show

Linda asks…


Video game

Laura asks…

why does my boyfriend de tag photos of only us kissing but is fine with other photos of us just smiling etc.?

:/ i find it odd i don’t want to question him about it because he never used to do it , i’m sick of saying to him all the time your being to cold with me i mean sometimes hes loving then hes just off watching tv. he says he loves me to me and on my photos on the internet but he just doesn’t seem to want anyone he knows seeing us kissing even in public should i be concerned?

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He obviously is someone who doesn’t like PDA. Public displays of affection. This is quite common actually. Some girls have that problem too. They just find that types of affection like kissing, oral, and fornicating are something that should be kept private. Some people don’t even like to hold hands and hug in public, but I’ve found most people who don’t like PDA usually don’t mind holding hands and hugging.

Mandy asks…

What to write on a dog tag for my boyfriend?

Well the question says it all but I have some ideas and im not going to write his name plus mine cause I have that for another one of his gifts. What should I write we are in highschool and he is a total jock haha oh this is for valentines day. Thank you guys soooooo much


He’s a jock and you bought him a Military style dog tag.
You got an extremely macho guy and extremely macho present and he’ll probably love it – DONT put ANYTHING soppy or emotional on it.
It’s far too much of a masculine thing to write “love you forever babycakes” or some kind of emotional poem on, so make sure you don’t make that mistake and you should be fine.

If he has a nickname, consider putting that on it.

Thomas asks…

mortal kombat 9 tag team ratio question on xbox360?

I play Mortal Kombat 9 on xbox 360, with my إكتتاب بنك الراجحي اسهم الصناعة الكهربائية boyfriend. [ أربح الأموال الآن على الإنترنت tag team mode]. and so far we r undefeated as a team. but the ratio says 24/52. why after we win a match, does the ratio say we lost?

is it because we are using my boyfriends gamertag, and if he loses on the first controller, but i win on the second controller, it doesnt count?
or is is an error with the game?


Glitch in the game that will hopefully be patched. Happens to me too in tag match. If you play a tag match then hit yes to rematch….win or lose….every game after that you play against the same person will ALWAYS count as a loss.(you can return to the lobby and then play the same person again without a problem) Its a pain but to avoid this, play a game…win or lose click no for rematch then go back the lobby and play again. Your win/loss ratio will be correct. Confusing and annoying I know but bottom line NEVER accept a rematch or you will receive a loss
P.S. So far this glitch only applies to tag matches. You can play solo and rematch the same person 100 times and be fine

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