Questions About What Are The Girlfriend Tag Questions

Laura asks…

what makes something designer?

okay i’m a guy so i know nothing about fashion but i asked my learn forex live login girlfriend and her answer was “ الفوركس برنامج the price”
i didn’t ask any more الاسهم السعودية المزرعه questions but is there like a cut of point that makes something designer?
valuta marocko forex the reason i ask is because i bought a suit for €250 and there’s some obscure Italian name on تحليل الذهب the forex sälja dollar tag. so is that متى استطيع بيع الاسهم what makes it designer?


Something is designer if it’s made by a designer…

Jenny asks…

Is he keeping his options open or what?

First off let me say, I’m not mad…just curious to understand forex rate the thought process of my boyfriend. Ok….Facebook, we both have accounts. I have pictures of him in my photo albums and vice versa. However, when I سعر اسهم ام القرى tag him on photos that include myself and him in them, he blocks so only him and I can view them…making it appear on my end that they تداول الاسهم عبر الانترنت are posted on his wall. Now, I may not have to ask this question, but he also tags me with photos of us ALL سوق قطر للاسهم the time!!! I’m honestly confused at his course of action. Can someone explain this plz

how I found out about this, one of my girlfriends just added him as a friend, and I asked her تداول الذهب اليوم في السعوديه what did she think of betala med kort på forex the pics I tagged him on, and she said they weren’t on his wall, but when I login and look on his page I can see them as clear as day


I don’t know where the idea of him “keeping his options open” comes into the picture here, so I don’t think that is what’s going on.
I have noticed that a lot of my male friends – married with kids and all, don’t even HAVE photos of their girlfriends or wives exploited on their pages.
You might want to casually want to bring it up in a conversation.
Some people (in general) just don’t want their photo albums being commented on by their friends. Or maybe he is just a private person.
I mean, if other girls go on to his page and look through his photos, will they actually SEE anything at all?
I f I were you, I would keep a little distance from this guy – you do’t know why he is keeping things hidden but just keep your eyes open.

Robert asks…

A question for you guys and smart girls?

I totally like this guy it started meeting at a party then talking on myspace then aim then phone calls اسهم للبيع the we try going to ارقام شركات الاسهم السعودية the movies together ( well unfortunatly got some friends to تعليم بيع وشراء الاسهم tag along) I am crazy about him. And he likes me so is it ok to assume that we forex arbitrage mt4 are going out? I never had a bf befoure. He mentions things like going out on a date with me and he tell me Im beautiful and he went through this long explanation that he did like me and stuff he is pretty blunt about that stuf.
He one of thouse sacastic blunt people who you can not get mad at and because forex öppettider öresundsterminalen the make you laugh it out. I am crazy about him but he never said “hey will you be my تداول الاسهم في البورصه العالميه girlfriend?” or “will you go out with me?” dose that have to said our can it be understood? Because I don’t want to be his lady friend, I told him I like him very much also. الاسهم السعوديه الاكتتاب What should I think? I don’t want to say he my bf and be wrong and get embrassed.


There two things you can do either ask him about it or the next time you guys go some where try and hold his hand or kiss him but dont jus sit and assume good luck .i would try the first one it is easier

Charles asks…

How could this keep happening?

Well earlier I made up another profile on this website called Tagged. I’ve been talking to this guy(we been going out about an week now) and all things have been good but a little bit too good to be true so فوركس اليوم what I did was set up another profile to be someone else to see how he would react to it.So, I was asking him all kinds of بيع الاسهم في الراجحي questions like do you have a اسعار بيع وشراء الذهب اليوم في السعودية girlfriend,etc. and he said no(but he’s going with me now!) and on my other profile he was like “oh baby I love you so much” blah blah blah and I know he’s up to no good. I’m shaking because I’m mad. He told me that he isn’t like تداول اسهم شركة الحمادي the other guys and he was going to change my life around and I believed it. By تداول الذهبي the way I’m from Kentucky and he is in Alabama. He said he was going to come up here for Christmas break but I don’t know متي تداول اسهم عبدالمحسن الحكير what to do now. My heart is just broken and I’m shaking out of anger and hurt. How should I confront him about this without making myself look stupid and do it in a mature way? I need serious help here!! all شراء وبيع الاسهم عبر الانترنت the guys I’ve been with has done this(not all but some) why do they act this way? I really don’t deserve this and I’m sick and tired of this.


You live in Kentucky and he live in Alabama. That is bad news.
Try find other guy in Kentucky. ( make sure he is not a dog.)
By the way I am from Kentucky.
Don’t rush yourself and give yourself a time and love yourself first.
Hope this helps.

Donna asks…

my girlfriends family is so annoying help plz?

i need help i dont know finfx forex broker what to do and i dont want to break up with my سعر الذهب 01 05 2015 girlfriend…. ive been dating my تقييم شركات الفوركس girlfriend for about a year and a few months now and at first i was comfortable around her family with out any problems but now these days her family gets annoying like seriously they argue about anything and i thought this kind of argument wasnt possible. it just so stupid how they argue for example my girlfriends mom would ask her mom (my تجارة الذهب والعملات girlfriend, and her brother and mom live with her grandparents) anyways they would ask how was اخبار اسهم شركة اسمنت الجًف the movie and one would say corporation bank forex card rate what did you say and they will repeat “how was praca w internecie od zaraz the movie” and again she would say “ lär dig valutahandel what” and then they would start to argue like nevermind forget it. well i couldnt hear you. thats how it usually starts and it so annoying like for f*ck sakes people just be nice. my girlfriends mom is sometimes a b**ch she gets mad over anything. my girlfriends grandpa well lets say i wont have anything to do with him hes anti-social. her grandma i actually like shes really nice. and my girlfriends brother damn hes annoying everything i bring like icecream over to her house or when me and my girlfriend go out to eat and bring lift overs her brother always wants some of it to eat i dont mind him eating some but damn every time i bring something over “can i have some can i have some” and my girlfriends says either yes or no mostly no but he still eats it and says sorry i took a bite and it pisses me off cuz she wont do anything about it. and i told her be aggressive with him and tell no b**ch and dont f*cken get some ok but she cant say that to her brother but its the only way he wont eat anything. cuz all she says is no you always eat everything and that your annoying but he still does it anyways.
i feel like telling him no you cant but i dont want to seem like a bad person. my girlfriends family cant say negative language in her house so being aggressive is out of the question. and now i dont even want to go over to her house anymore and she cant come to mine cuz she gets in trouble and her high school like 10 minutes away from her house so they expect her to be home right away. and he gets mad when i dont go over and i havent told her how i feel about her family now. everytime i go over i have to listen to them argue over stupid things like you dont need to f*cken argue about a movie or about a certain thing. her grandma is quite except when her grandparents are arguing. her mom just gets bitchy. and she always wants to tag along when i go out with my girlfriend. and i sometimes tell her i need to go now cuz i have work tomorrow and i need to sleep in early but its just an excuse to leave her house. and if i tell her how i feel about her family she might get upset with me. idk what to tell her and especially when she tells me to come over??????????
what should i do??

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TLDR: Family of girlfriend constantly argues and is impossible to handle. She can’t see me except when she is around her family.

So how do you feel about your girlfriend? Are you still in love or is this just a sign that you don’t like her that much.

She is still in high school and this is driving you crazy. But she can’t move out. Going out is against the rules so you don’t have any options. Don’t be aggressive!!! That is wrong and will just push her away.

Either suck it up and endure or break up with her.

Paul asks…

The question list to the girlfriend tag questions?

1. What is Your Shoe Size?
2. What is his favorite TV show?
3.Favorite alcohol Drink?
4.Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?
5.What was his First Job?
6.Favorite soccer Team?
7.Favorite Candy?
8.Favorite fruit?
9.What Do He Like To Do What He Is Bored?
10.His Favorite color?


What is your favorite music?

George asks…

Is this considered cyber stalking?

This is a somewhat long question; I do apologize!

Let me start with a little background.. I am dating the most wonderful woman in the world. She is the love of my life and the woman of my dreams. And I am so unbelievably fortunate that she feels the same way about me. She also has 3 wonderful children (5 and 16 y/o boys, and an 11 y/o girl) from a previous marriage that ended 5+ years ago. They are, like any other kids their age, far from “perfect”, but wonderful nonetheless.

I do live with my girlfriend and her children, and I am also considerably younger than their wonderful mother (I am in my mid 20s, and she is in her early 30’s). While it took some time to adjust, neither the children nor my girlfriend and I allow the age difference to ad any context to our lives. We try to be very open, within certain boundaries, with the children, and from what they have shared with us, it’s understood that I am just a man in love with their mom, and they are generally happy and comfortable with me and my relationship with their mother. The children and I get along very well, and the youngest has even gone as far as to tell me he loves me; he even waits at the door for me to come home from work. I adore these kids, and have even fallen in love with them.

Now, both my girlfriend and the kids father have been remarried since their divorce. The childrens father is still married but my girlfriends second marriage was short lived due to his infidelity and apparent drug use.

To my question!

One evening, my girlfriend was talking openly about needing to change her last name on Facebook back to her maiden name. Her 11 year old daughter (let’s call her “Ashley”) then asked if she would change it back to her first married name so that they would have the same last name, and so that she wouldn’t have to explain to her friends why they didn’t have the same last name. Being a reasonable request, my girlfriend changed her name on Facebook to reflect the same last name as her children.

A couple days ago, my girlfriend and I had a movie night at the house with “Ashley” and her friend, complete with popcorn and candy. Of course, we had a great time and Ashley decided to post about it on Facebook.

*Ashley’s Post: WATCHING THE HELP WITH (girlfriend) AND (me)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YALL !!!!!!!!!

Note: If you don’t know anything about Facebook, you can “tag” other people when you post a status update. When you tag someone, it displays their full name and anyone in your circle of “friends” can see the post.

Ashleys father then posted: Why I S putting my last name on Facebook when her last name is (married name) or (maiden name)

After seeing the fathers response on Ashleys post, I felt like it was time to say something to him.

My Post: Because your daughter asked her to. Way to act like an adult and use Facebook to ask antagonistic questions, while displaying a complete lack of class. Two thumbs up for you!!! Thank you Ashley! We enjoyed watching it with you!

When Ashleys father read this, he proceeded to call my girlfriend multiple times. When she wouldn’t answer his call, he called Ashley and told her to put him on speaker phone. He then began cussing about me, and so my girlfiend hung up on him. He then sent her a text that said, “Paul better butt out when it comes to our children. This is the last and final warning.” He then sent me a message on Facebook.

Fathers Message: Hey when I ask my daughter something its none of your business best thing you can do is butt out…. This is the last and final time..

My Response: Don’t waste your time; your attempts at intimidation and “last and final” threats are laughable at best. Not quite sure what your problem is with me, and truthfully, I don’t really care. But you know what? When it comes to you and your children, you are 100% correct! You are their one and only father, and as a real man, I respect that.. your business is your business. I have not, nor will I ever try to step in between these wonderful kids and their father; not my place… But let me make one thing clear. When you want to hide under the guise of “asking your daughter something”, especially in such a public forum, about myself or (my girlfriend), and you do so with a malicious intent, it becomes my business and I WILL say something. I will not be intimidated, and I will not back down… I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip, I know Ashley misses you.

His Response: There r no threats here just promises. No one is trying to Intimidate you nor do I care about you are nicole the kids r my best interest!! But never challenge me it will not be in your favor in the end….. And I don’t need you telling me

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That’s where it left off. I have decided not to say anything else in order to help maintain some peace, but to me, he has engaged in “im
That’s where it left off. I have decided not to say anything else in order to help maintain some peace, but to me, he has engaged in “improper phone communication” (Louisiana RS 14:285) AND “cyber stalking” (Louisiana R.S. 14:40.3).

Now, Ashley’s father is notorious for saying things to stir the proverbial pot. For example, a few weeks ago, when the kids came home from spending time with their father, the youngest asked me if I had any guns. I asked him why he would ask that, and his response was, “because my daddy said you better have some.” My only response was for him to tell his daddy I said “Happy New Year!”

I am not afraid of this guy. I doubt he could hold his own in a fight with me, and even if I were to get my *** kicked, he would have a hell of a time doing it. But the last thing these kids need is this kind of drama. Filing a report feels like a cowards way out and if the kids weren’t in the picture, I would handle business a little dif
I feel that I should also mention that the father had already asked Ashley about her mothers last name on facebook a couple weeks ago, and had already been told the answer.

In addition to this, a few months ago the father called the owner of the company I work for, left him a voice mail, and made specific false accusations that I was engaging in an affair with one of my employees, nearly costing my position within the company.

His initial response to Ashley’s post was just the straw that broke the camels back and I couldn’t let it go without saying something any longer.


I wouldn’t consider it cyber bullying.
You did sort of start it by getting an attitude when he calmly asked why your GF’s name was what it is on facebook. You should of just ignored it and let “ashley” answer why. To him it seemed like you were in his business, not saying the whole thing is your next time, i wouldn’t get involved.

John asks…

Serious Question about my situation?

So. I’ve been in a relationship for almost four years now. We have a strong bond and friendship but honestly I feel very dissatisfied with our relationship. She’s just so different from me. I understand that we should have some differences but some things are just important to me. I have this certain zest for life and a passion to explore and have fun. I like to experience things. She however does not. She just does stuff to make me happy (which I appreciate) but she’ll be miserable the whole time. I feel like we have to force ourselves to have fun with each other. This is what makes it hard. Due to these difficulties truly connecting. I’m finding myself very attracted to someone else honestly, maybe even falling in love. This girl I have known for a few years. Who just recently became friends with my girlfriend. This girl… WOW… She’s smart and funny. Witty and classy. Beautiful, sexy and most of all, fun. Things are getting kind of hard at home. Me and this girl just connect. We finish each others sentences sometimes and frequently are thinking the same thing at the same time. We have this strange temptation towards each other and have even discussed it.She’s in a sour relationship too.I’m wondering whether I should follow what my heart says to do. or do the logical thing and make my current relationship work. And neither of us are cheaters so none of that “tag both of them” or “hit it on the side” crap. I dont want to hear it. I’m serious. this rips me up inside.
Yes, my girlfriend and I have discussed our relationship problems. But she always tries to be the “quick fix” by just acting exactly how she thinks I want her to act. But it just feels like she’s being fake. I hate it. She just doesn’t get it. And the other girls relationship is sort of the same deal except her man doesn’t take care of her the way he should. I invest a lot of time into keeping my woman happy. Love and passion are what i live for.


You sound like a good guy who is in a dilemma. But only you can decide what you want. If you aren’t satisfied with your girlfriend and things just don’t work then maybe its time to move or consider taking a break from each other.

You can then see if there is any potential with this new girl for a good relationship.

Betty asks…

I have a question…you got an answer?

Ok guys, Me and my girlfriend are 17 turning 18 on May 12, lol yea we have the same birthday. But anyway we had broke up about a year and a half ago, and we just started back talking about a month or so ago and got back together. So of course in between time I had a few gfs and she had a couple bfs, and thats ok, BUT when we got back together she been saying she has this “Home boy” and I don’t like even a little bit. For example on days we don’t see each other at night when we talk on the phone, I’ll ask something like, “So baby, what you do today?” and she say something like, “Uh, I went to the mall, talk to my friends, my home boy…” and so on. Now today we didn’t see each other, and I call around 5:00pm (we live in ga) she answers and she says, “call me in an hour, I’m busy” and I’m like ok. So I call back an hour later, she says, “call me in an hour, I’m over my friend’s house, and it would be rude if I talked while I’m over here.” and I say ok. I call her an hour again! It takes a couple calls, she answers and says, “call me in an hour, my phone’s about to die, unless you want to talk until the phone dies.” and I say, “Yeah, let the phone die because I ain’t talked to you all day.” she says, “ok” and so I said, “what you been up to?” she say, “Nothing, just been over my friend house and stuff. What you doing?” I said, “wondering why your phone about to go dead.” she said with a laugh, “Because I been talking on it all day.” and then I said, “oh really? Who you been talking to?” she said with a laugh, “My brother, My Mom, My friends, My Home boy..” and I’ll stop there, so then I got upset and told her I’ll call her later because I don’t understand who this “Home boy” is and why you tell me it would be rude to talk to ME but its not rude for everybody else, except for “Mom” and “Brother” but do you guys see why I’m mad? what should I say to her about “Home boy”. I aint got no “Home Girls”. I don’t think Home boys and Home girls are good for a relationship. Especially when you are getting set to the side for that “Home boy” or “Home girl” and you constantly talk to him. I think its her Ex that she broke up with because of me, yea we kinda in love but we just getting back with each other and I don’t want “Home boy” to tag along, and its not like I TOOK her from him, I gave her a choice and she chose me. So can somebody give some advice what to say because I haven’t experienced this before. Thanks guys.


Cut that hoe… Your young. It’s her homeboy booty call buddy. Go find another girl and when she comes running back… Be like sorry I found a homegirl b*tch.

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