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Donald asks…

Why cant I comment on my sister’s facebook page?

Ok… well basically, I’m suspicious that my little فوركس أون لاين sister is blocking me specifically from seeing her wall or certain photo albums and commenting on them. I don’t know why she does this, but she did it on bebo too, she’d often delete me and my other اسعار الاسهم sister so we couldnt see her page and even went as far as making a fake one and saying she’d deleted her old one, which she quite clearly hadnt and still posted on friends pages with that one. ¬_¬

Anyhow, basically, her facebook Wall isn’t available for me at all. It doesn’t show up at all, almost as if she doesnt have one, and I find that odd indeed. Above that, I can’t comment on any of her photos apart from the ones I’m tagged in. And then when she did للتجارة الذهب tag me in new photo albums, it wouldn’t let me see other photos in the new album, and the link to see the full album was just normal text, (not a hyperlink), and I couldn’t get onto it through the best forex card india list of photo albums either cause it didnt show up. نصائح سوق الاسهم السعودي

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Anyway, I always feel that she’s lying to me when she says stuff like she just doesn’t want a wall or facebook was being weird and it does that to other friends. When I questioned her about the photo albums I was tagged in which I couldnt see, well, sure enough she made them available by the next time I was on. But I can’t comment on the other photos, yet her friends, who aren’t tagged in the photos have commented on them? :S

So yeah. I’m confused. We get on really well, so if she’s blocking me from certain things on her page then I’m confused as to why. It always feels like she’s hiding stuff from me. :S

So what do you think? Is she blocking me from doing certain things on her page? I know it’s up to her, but I just think it’s really strange.
Vince, of course I’m friends with her, and of course she likes me.


She’s blocking you from seeing her wallposts and blocking you from certain photo albums.
Don’t worry, i do this to my siblings too, they can’t even go into the wall tab or look at some of my phoot albums.
She’s most likely just embarrassed.

Carol asks…

Why is the picture with my comment tagged in her profile ?

Hi all. About 2 years ago, I commented on a picture of a nephew of my friend (girl) in Facebook and she responded on my comment. He is the son of her سوق عمان للالكترونيات sister. Recently, the picture with my comment and the response is tagged in her الخيارات الثنائية رحلة sister‘s profile (the mother of the boy) and because of tagging, the picture is very appearant in her profile to every person seeing her profile.

Few day ago, I requested to add her (the mother of boy) to my friends forex mmm list on Facebook but she refused my request. اسهم السعودي Sign Up & Learn The 4 DEADLIEST Pickup Lines You Can Use To Get Girls! (Free Video)

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My question: Why is the picture tagged in her profile ? and why did she refuse my friend request even though the picture is tagged with my comment ?


That is the big problem (along with all the other problems) with Facebook. Essentially friends may not be friends at all, but everything that appears on a person’s page will stay there for everyone to see unless they explicitly say it shouldn’t.

You can try asking Facebook to get her to remove it, but since everything you upload to Facebook immediately belongs to Facebook WITH YOUR PERMISSION WHEN YOU JOIN!, there is probably nothing you can do about it.

That is one of the reasons I left Facebook.

Ken asks…

Question about skin problems? 10 points today?! ?

My little bit coins sister is very dear to me. And I hate seeing her go through a tough time.
She is 16 her height is 5″8 and her weight is 180lbs I had asked a previous question regarding what things could happen if I was overweight. I’m fit but I feel bad for her. And I’m willing to do anything to make her feel good about herself.

She has aconthosis nigricans (the black-brown velvety texture around the neck, underarm, elbow, knees and groin area)
She has nevus (not mole, it’s the relatively big spots on her right arm. She is of fair complexions. But these spots are a little dark and spread all throughout her right arm and shoulder)
She has skin tags. Not many but a few on her neck
She also goes through hair loss.

I feel really bad that I haven’t done anything for 3 years. But I will make her live a healthy life.
My برنامج الراجحي للمرابحة في الاسهم questions are:
Will all of her skin complications dissipate if she loses the weight? Can you please ايش اسم البرنامج الي يطلع اسعارالذهب ارتفع او نزل list down all the foods that she musnt have (apart from the obvious)? What diet must she follow to be 140lbs?

I motivate her everyday. Telling her she is beautiful and that a little dieting and exercise will make her irresistible. She is determined too. So please help me
If you could add a diet routine that would be great. (No Carb diet)

Thank you so very much!


Stay away from red meat. Those are the fattiest things you can ingest. Eat salmon and lean meat chicken for good health. If she needs sweets try a bit of dark chocolate which will fill a sweet tooth and is actually proven good for you. Drink lots of water for good skin, Chrystal light is also an alternative which tastes yummy.

Jenny asks…

How do I get my father to understand?

***It’s long because you need to understand my situation.***

It might be a little long, but i could really use the help. I’m 13 and my dad works alot. he has a dangerous job as an electrician and that is the best he can do to support my family of 4. Mother and أسعار الذهب sister as well. my dad’s really talented. he can play several different instruments, so i’m not going to اسهم شركه اسمنت ام القره list them all because i can’t think of them all. We do Civil War Reenactments together as father and son. It’s really fun and that’s somthing not every dad gets to offer his child. I’ve learned so much with it. While my dad was growing up as a kid, he didn’t really have a dad or family. nothing but greed so being the best father he can be is important to him. VERY important. Everything my dad knows he taught himself and not to brag, but he had a hard life when he was young. He can also draw very very good. in fact he taught me how to draw and now im in the Talented and gifted ( اخبار الاسهم السعودية تداول TAG Art) class in school. There’s only just a few of us. And about his musical talent, he had me take band class. I play Cornet, same as trumpet and i’m first chair, been in several different honor bands, so you can say i’m pretty good at my age, but i wouldnt have got that good without my dad. With these civil war stuff, he got me to play the fife. I can also play other easy instruments but those two i mentioned earlier were very hard. The thing is, he wants me to learn guitar. Now, he’s really good at guitar, he’s 54 and has been playing it all his life. He practices every single day. including his banjo, violin, mandolin, somthimes bass and drums. Anyway i’m just starting to be a teen so trying to learn all these instuments is not that fun for me. Now the ones that i’m good at are easier to keep-up. Now i can say i practice 5 minutes every day, only when i have school. So i’m trying but like i said, it’s not that fun. I do play Call of duty and other video games alot. because that’s what i love to do. LOVE IT!! It’s so much fun. The thing is when i’m playing them he gets really really mad at me because he would rather me put my time into practicing or doing other stuff. We got into a big argument because of that. But it seems like he dosnt see what i’ve already accomplished in my early life already. He always wants me to do more and more and more.
But really…I’m not going to devote all the time that i could possibly have just to do all of this. And it isnt even enjoyable to me. I understand that in life this knowledge could get me to be somebody and have a good life. Someone that knows and has brains. I could have a good job and not have to struggle like he does and he keeps telling me this and i tell him, “yes dad, i understand” and he says “No you dont understand” and on and on. But the thing is i really do understand. I mean after everything i’ve typed so far dont you think i understand? Really. I know he wants me to do all those things but it’s not what i want to do “now” since im young. I’d rather wait until im ready to learn. But then agian, he could be electrocuted and somthing bad could happen. He does have diabetes and all so yea. But still how do i get him to realize that i do understand.

The second question is: I love football, he loves football and i want to learn how to kick. Anyway i dont want to make this as long so to make a long story short. He’s paying for me to learn how to kick a ball like a pro with a ray guy pro kicker kicking camp next week. He did this for me as a christmas present. He didnt get me anything like a gift like a new phone or anything just 2 new fife’s a football for the camp, and the camp itself. Now i know that this can be a huge opportunity for me and can also make my life better. Just like the music stuff. And i asked him why he doesnt buy me anything ” I wanted” for like other things and all. Anyway he got mad and told me that i didnt understand why he was doing this for me. BUT I DO!! I DO UNDERSTAND!!! Anyway he kept on saying that i was too young to understand and that i should really be thankfull, but i really am thankfull, im the luckiest kid in the school to have a dad like him, but then again he says i dont understand so sorry its so long but What do yall think and how to i get him to realize that i understand?


From reading your longggggggggggggggg intelligent question …you’r dad must be very proud of you . How to get your dad to understand , wont be easy…because he is a very good father and through his goodness he has become a little over the top in trying to help you to have a better life than he did . I could make some suggestion as to how you can make him understand how you feel and think but I think you have made it very clear in your question …so maybe you need to print your question off and give it to him …let him read it without any interuption . By doing this , it will open the door for both od you to talk about it all …but you must talk to him in a calm way …try encourage him to listen to you and then maybe ..just maybe he will understand .

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