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What kind of girl am I?

افضل برنامج بيع وشراء الاسهم

untung rugi bisnis forex I ask because, I seem to attract all the wrong guys, it’s completely ridiculous. I attract indecisive, selfish jerks. I think I almost have an asshole magnet hanging around my neck. and sometimes I feel likes its because i’m too nice and just always focus on the good, and it comes back to bite me, because I ignore everything that I might not like, because I think everything else will be enough. And people can be quite convincing sometimes, come off as this fantastic person, and as soon as they have you, they change, I dont get it:p
I didnt give anyone a thumbs down- I’m not at a level high enough for that, so don’t get snippy at me.

admin answers:

You are sort of the “in your face type” but with some sweet qualities. Also you seem to know exactly what you are looking for. Maybe you are pretty too.

Donald asks…

I like this guy but I’m not sure….?

Theres this guy whose been in my classes for years and we’re like best friends…. Hes been over to my house (just as a friend), our siblings are friends, and I’m going to Breaking Dawn with him and a couple of our freinds tommorow. I think he likes me.. but I’m not sure. For example, I went swimming this summer with him and I was wearing a string bikini. It was the first time I wore something other than a one piece around him. We splashed around in the ocean (we were at the beach) for awhile and then decided to play water تداول الاسهم الكويت tag (we been playing it since we were little). He was it and finally cuaght me. When he did, he started tickling me and wouldn’t let me go…. I got all tingly inside and I realized I had a crush on him. I don’t know, but I think he was enjoying the touching 2…. but yeahhh so I think he likes me 2 but im not sure. so my question: does he like me or not? What should I do to find out? and if I find out he does like me…. wha should i do? Soooo PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help!!
Btw: I’m 13 and i’m an athlete so I’ve been working out ALOT lately and now have a tone body and abs..oh and butt:D so i think he might hav noticed that…. and I also sorta became “girly” in the last couple months.. so he probably noticed that 2….
Soooo Answer:)))) Please

admin answers:

Dude thats soo cute! If i were you i would definitely try and sit next to each other at the movies, talk in the lobby, and walk in talking, so you would just naturally be sitting next to him. Then sit close-ish to him, maybe have shoulders touching, so maybe he’ll put his arm around you. Look cute btw! Good luck, hope this helps!!

Daniel asks…

could it have led to sex? makeing out?

ill keep it short, their was a time a while back, i was14 and i knew this beautiful girl, she was 16 at the time.
little did i know that she had a thing for me, and i sorta had a thing goin for her…
after about a year, we never had a relationship or anything (sadly) just some “i care for you” moments.

so last year, when i turned 15, she was then 17… she was invited to my bro’s wedding because they were family friends…
i built up such stronger feeling for her, (and hormones where driving me nuts) but she REALLLY wanted me this time around…

so after the wedding reception our families were staying at a hotel,
we and each others شروط اسهم بنك وربه sibling were playing hide and seek in the hotel.
i was it and i had found everyone but her, so i found, chased, then tagged her…

(the past few days, she previouslys had sent me so many signals of wanting to cuddle and kiss and what not, but i didnt follow any of it, which sorta ticked her off, and she got tired off me waiting to make the move)

so after i caught her, we had a few laughs then i walked off.. (like an idiot)
she called my name and asked to return to her, so i did, and as i walked she sped walked toward me smiling and before i knew it we had been making out in a hotel in the dead center of a hall way at 12:45 am.

it lasted a good 3 minutes,
i wasnt pervy, so i didnt feel her up or anything like a sex hungry guy would, (i controlled my hormones)
after this, i poped an “i love you”, i think i meant it but idk, then we slit off and went to our rooms and called it a night…

maybee if i stayed with her for another hour or two after our make out session, COULD it have led to sex? or VERY heavy kissing and touchy feelings…
my friends told me HELL YES
i think it i had a 50/50 shot at it, but i left it
whats you take on it?
and keep in mind that we had DEEP FEELING for each other…

admin answers:

Either way these are great memories and you will have them forever… Never mind with the shoulda coulda’s. Your a kid building experiences and memories.

Richard asks…

birthday party etiquette question?

my son has been invited to a birthday party where the hosting parent, who is a friend of the family, has requested that everyone “go green” by bringing a card and $5 rather than a present. that’s fine; i’m happy to do that. however, the parent also invited my other three children to forex czy warto tag along to the party because they had room for siblings. normally, i’d just buy a bigger present. under the circumstances, do i bring a card and $20? i don’t begrudge the money; normally i’d spend more than that for a gift for a party to which all my kids were invited. it just seems a little awkward to be bringing 4 times the money requested. if you were the hosting parent, would you expect/appreciate the $20, or would it just make you feel awkward back because you thought you were asking for less?

admin answers:

I wouldn’t expect $20, and honestly, I wouldn’t expect the $5 either. For my kids birthdays, I invite siblings (especially if they have siblings that are the same age or friends with my other child) and I always tell the parents that the sibling does not need to bring anything.

Ken asks…

child’s birthday party etiquette question?

my son has been invited to a birthday party where the hosting parent, who is a friend of the family, has requested that everyone “go green” by bringing a card and $5 rather than a present. that’s fine; i’m happy to do that. however, the parent also invited my other three children to موقع بيع و شراء الاسهم tag along to the party because they had room for siblings. normally, i’d just buy a bigger present. under the circumstances, do i bring a card and $20? i don’t begrudge the money; normally i’d spend more than that for a gift for a party to which all my kids were invited. it just seems a little awkward to be bringing 4 times the money requested. if you were the hosting parent, would you expect/appreciate the $20, or would it just make you feel awkward back because you thought you were asking for less?

admin answers:

Didn’t read your other answers so sorry if i repeat.
I would buy four cards and put five dollars in each one since each child was invited and the requested gift was such. This way, each child is bringing the gift the host requested.

William asks…

Where would you rate my stepdad’s parenting?

Well i have been meaning to post this for some time now and now i will.

My step-dad is the typical annoying, clingy, nosy adult. It might be I’m the oldest of 5 (4 are blood) siblings but anyways.

1. I can never go anywhere with my mother without him always calling or texting, during work or when hes at home. for some reason now I cannot go to certain places without him tagging along (except for train shows).

2.The mouth has a “condition” where he cannot chew his food with his mouth close and always coming around me when he eats smacking.

3.He tried raising (like 11 years ago, if that), but failed because he cannot raise his own child who has a record when the rest of my siblings have no criminal records. He cannot raise his own daughter who couldn’t pour her own milk at age 8 or clean her own room until he married (sad day of my life) my mom.

4. He cries or get sad when I do not want to be bother with him because he has an issue where he hits people or curse at someone not my mother and expect them to take that type of verbal abuse.

5. Always apologizing for verbal abusing me thinking i will accept them when I never had.

6. Build my mom perfect wooden structures for her daycare, but fucked up two “potential” train tables for me. How can I be grateful when he put in little effort in helping me build three tables when he does 20% of the contribution.

7. Try to something hes not. Thinks he’s all of that, but really he isn’t. He cannot even keep his truck running because it’s so beat up and falling apart because he doesn’t try to take care of it unlike my mom’s truck which is still together.

8. Doesn’t use turn signals when turning, turn so wide hes in the other lane. in other words, how did he get his license with his dangerous driving?

Does this question make me seem bitter or something because I’m not. I just cannot stand some of the things he does because they are pet peeves and he so happen do the things i cannot stand from people.
9. He buys my 7 and 12 year old brothers “M” label games and toy guns when my mother doesnt want my little brothers to know anythin about guns. It’s so bad my 12 year old brother knows certain guns model and bullet requirement.

I played Grand theft 2 with I was a minor but I never did research or talk about guns like my 12 year old brother does.

admin answers:

The physical, and verbal abuse are NOT acceptable, nor is teaching your younger brothers about guns, when your mother specifically does not want him too. Those are serious issues, and not that of a good role model.

This man sounds as if he needs professional help.

If there is abuse, your mother needs to leave him, pronto……………

Joseph asks…

My birthday is coming up and I have no friends!!! Please help me with ideas!?

My birthday is coming up in 2 months, so I’m trying to plan something to do ahead of time.

The only problem is my family and I just moved out of state, so I don’t have any friends! Like none at all!!!

We are on a budget so we can’t do anything expensive and I have many siblings that I’m sick of plus I’m a twin…..

We do have season passes to this theme park, but I’m tired of going with family and besides that we have done everything there.

All I do is spend time with my family and all we do is argue. I tired to talk my parent into flying a friend out here so I can spend my birthday with her a a theme park but she said no, because it’s to expensive! And me going back to my old state is out of the question 🙁

So do you have any thoughts or ideas on what I can do?

I really want to do something fun, I would chill with my twin but he is a downer and makes things not fun and we end up arguing!

Also going somewhere by myself is out of the question, because my parent is over protective of me the only way I can do anything is if my twin tags along and 99.9% of the time he refuses to.

Please if anybody could help me with ideas I would greatly appreciate it!

admin answers:

Well, i’m pretty sure in 2 months you’ll make friends. Don’t worry. The theme park idea is pretty good when you make friends there. But if not, you can always say, “mommy, if you really love me you’d understand how i feel?” just talk with them, they have to give you something. It’s going to be your birthday!

Chris asks…

Average price of dog plus…? Only annoying answers last time?

ok, so I want to get a dog, hopefully purebred pup, and I’m wondering what the overall price is. I can raise money fairly easily in the summer, and I get winter money gifts. I am willing to pay up to $500 for the dog itself. here are the other things:
food/water bowl?

Im planning on a short hair dog, about 85 lbs in weight (30-50 inch height, female), that will love me forever, but can survive when I’m not home. Thinking about Beagle, Rotweiler, German Shepard, or Pitt. Another question is where can I buy a purebred pup, with strong blood? If you cant answer the second, its fine. I have 2 years to save up enough money, just trying to plan it out now. btw im 13, and have had family dogs before, but not my own. I plan to be going to a college near me, if i get accepted, so distance wont be a problem. I also have 3 younger siblings that would care for him/her deeply, as well as parents that carefor our current dog very well. Please no answers about how I shouldnt do this, Ive thought about it for years, and I want to start working at it. I currently have 24 fish in a tank, 1 guinea pig, and 2 betta fish. I am also a babysitter, so i know the definition of responsibility, and I am fully capable of paying for veterinary bills. Please, give me a real answer! thanks!

admin answers:

If you want a dog to love and care for, what breed it is shouldn’t take into account unless you only want it for a status symbol. is the perfect place to look for a prospective pet with many full blooded dogs listed close to you AND it saves lives. NEVER BUY, ALWAYS ADOPT! It’s the most responsible thing you could do.

Responsibility for a pet is more than just having some fish and a guinea pig or even babysitting. I’m not saying you’re not responsible but fish and a guinea pig aren’t really going to test your responsiblity like a dog will. However, I don’t want to make it seem harder than it actually is.

All sets of shots should be under $100
Food/Water bowl- $20
Food- $50+ depending on what brand you get
Shampoo- $5-10
House- $75-100
Bed- $30-50 +
Collar- $10-20
Tags- $20ish +
Leash- $10-20
Brush- $10+
Toys- $30-50
Treats- $20+
Flea and Tick- $200+ for a year
Heartworm- $100+ for a year
You also have to consider spay/neuter costs…

These prices vary greatly depending on what brands you buy. It could be a lot cheaper but if you buy the best like I do, it will actually cost much more. We have 6 dogs and I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many thousands of dollars we’ve spent on our pets just within the past year or two.

Veterinary bills can be very hefty also. Especially if your dog ends up having some kind of allergy or needs some kind of corrective surgery. We’re talking hundreds to thousands of dollars. For example, my sisters Shih tzu may need surgery for her back which will cost about $3000.00. She also needs another surgery to remove some kind of stone from her bladder that’s formed over the years. That surgery will be around $500 or more just to remove the stone. Full blooded dogs often suffer from more health issues than a mixed breed.

Best of luck and DON’T BUY, ALWAYS ADOPT!

Charles asks…

Should I step out of my son’s life?

I have a wonderful little boy who is nearly seven-years-old. He and his mom reside in South Carolina His mom and I were never married, but through a voluntary paternity acknowledgment, I am legally his father in addition to emotionally being his father. His mom and I broke up (amicably) when he was a little over 2. Not long after that, circumstances caused me to have to move back to New York, where she and I and our son had moved from. Despite this, my son maintained a very close and loving relationship, albeit over the phone. And, we maintained a strong bond in spite of the fact that my ex had since met another man. Now this man is very good to my son, so I have no quarrel with him. However, I noticed a change in my son’s mother’s attitude toward me once I announced that I too, had met somebody special. Once it was announced that I was getting married it got worse, and once I broke the news that we were having a baby, it all changed. There was now a palpable awkwardness whenever I called to speak to my son and I had to talk to my ex that I started to call less and less. I am so ashamed that I have dragged an innocent child into the middle of a conflict between his mother and me. In reference to the subject of my question, I’m sure I would have a solid case for Parental Alienation Syndrome. Last Christmas she changed tags on gifts my wife and I sent him because she and my wife and had a fight, she let’s our son call her fiance “Daddy” (although she claims he did it all on his own) and, she even asked me if I would let her change our son’s last name to that of her fiance since he has two (soon to be three) siblings fathered by this man. I am just at my whits end. I lovce my son with all my heart and it tears me apart to know that while I feel this in my heart, I have not demonstrated it as much as I should have or could have. I ask if since he has such a loving family structure, would it be the honorable thing to walk away or should I fight as a father to be a part of his life?

admin answers:

Shame on you for even considering walking out of your sons life. You brought him into this world, your blood runs through his veins and your gana let some other man come and take your son from you or better yet let him have him. You say you love him with all your heart then let it show fight for him hes YOUR SON! Now im not a trying to be hard on you because i dont even have kids however iam the daughter of a man that allowed some other man to come and take over his responsibility and although I love my step dad to death i resent my real father, not because he wasn’t there financially but because a child always needs both his/her biological parents love and support.

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