Questions About Girlfriend Nicknames Spanish

Betty asks…

I need a sexy nickname or compliment for my spanish girlfriend…please help?

Im not lazy, google translate is never accurate



Lisa asks…

What is a cute Spanish way of telling my GF “I’m sorry?” Please?

I kind of ditched my girlfriend tonight after i said I’d go over. & now shes kind of mad I think. It’s not really the first time. Well anyways. What is a cute way of saying “I’m sorry?” I would also like to have a cute Spanish nickname in there. Something besides Mi amor. Thank You and please help!


They usually like to be called “chiquitita”. You can also call her “mi cielo”.

It depends on the country too. Corderita (lamby) sounds cute to anyone who has learned Spanish as a foreign language, but if you say it to a Mexican girl she’ll think you see her on the same level as a well-done steak. So be careful using cute animal names.

Ken asks…

what is a good nickname for my girlfriend?

Her name is Ola! Any clever nicknames that don’t have to do with the spanish word hello or wave?


Ola Bear (like polar bear) Haha that’s the first thing I thought of.
A guy I used to date called me “babygirl” and I loved it. It made me feel so special.
Anything from you should make her feel good though. I have this bad habit of calling people really weird things such as “bullhead” and “punkin butt” but they were cute and stuck.

Donna asks…

cool spanish nickname pls…?

can someone pls suggest a really cool spanish nickname for my girlfriend?

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Call her: Mami, or gatita, or loca or chula or perra

Carol asks…

Arabic nicknames for boyfriend?

My girlfriend wants to find me a nickname in Arabic because I am lebanese and her nickname is in Spanish (lunita), and she is Mexican. My name is Matthew (I’m aware the nicknames vary depending on the name). Lots and lots of suggestions are good and they just need to sound and mean something nice. I already know the basic ones like habibi and stuff. Thanks for the replies!!!

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Amir = Prince

Asad = Lion

Malak =Angel

Helen asks…

how do you say this in spanish?

how would you say “my little girlfriend” in spanish? also “brown eyes” how do u translate each of those phrases/ nicknames? thank!!!


Whoa! This isn’t a job application, Reed, no need to post your resume!

Different variants for my little girlfriend would be:

mi noviecita
mi amiguita
mi pequeña novia
mi pequeña amiga

brown eyes:
ojos marrones
ojos café
ojos castaños

And it’s not “con ojos ~” it’s “de ojos ~”

David asks…

Spanish? how do you say “honey bear” in spanish?

my girlfriends nickname is honey bear and i was just wanting to tell it to her in spanish


I’d say “osito de miel”.

But you might want to check first, because this phrase might not have the same cute, sweet connotations that “honey bear” has in English. The cultural beliefs about animals are different.

Jenny asks…

my girlfriend wants a nickname?

she wants me to give her a nickname. but doesn’t want a pet name or an abbreviation of her name she wants something completely separate from her name

she speaks fluent Spanish if that helps


Don’t depend on us. We don’t know her and it would be cheating her. She wants something special from you, from the heart, not from an online forum or she’d ask us herself.

Look at your feelings for her. Here are examples of things to think about in trying to decide her nickname. How does she inspire you? How does she make you feel? What were you doing when you met? What was your first or best impression of her? What is the quality or qualities that attract you to her or what makes her special? Does she have a cute feature (not rude or sex oriented girls hate that) for example: blue eyes you could call her sky or sapphire (which is also a precious stone, because she’s special to you). Don’t take our names; use your imagination to come up with something so that it has a special meaning for both of you.

Chris asks…

need a nickname for my girlfriend?

well do I?
and more creative ones?
she’s OCD, itlain/Spanish, can’t sit still


You shoud call her PUKI.

Pronounced POOH-key

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