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William asks…

Results WSE Nitro + WSE SmackDown! Match Card + Wrestling Questions?

Results of WSE Nitro:
1-The Miz is Awesome defeated Is Cooking
2-Personifcation of Domination defeated Black Mask
3-The Last Icond defeated Chris Xtreme and The Rock WS Impact
4-Maryse* defeated The Best in the World to retain the WSE Divas Championship
5-StephanNGN won the 5 pack champion

Match Card for WSE SD!:

Main Event:Just RKO’em vs StephanNGN
Match #2-Cult of Personality and Dragoontri Millenium Countdown vs Heel Wolverine and The Legend Killer
Match #3-Die_Another_Day vs Jason T
Match #4-Cenation vs Chris Xtreme vs Phantom vs David-WS-Falcon vs The Legend Killer vs Is Cooking vs The Miz is Awesome vs The Ghost Hunter in a 8-Man Battle Royal Match for the WSE Intercontinental Championship

BQ-Rate matchcard

Promo:Welcome to SmackDown! Now i want announce something! Next week on WSE Nitro it will be first edition of the WSE Nitro Guest Host and the first guest host will be the one and only Nexus.Speaking of Nitro i see Dragoontri have embraced the hate! Congratulations friend! You are officialy on my friend list so Dragoontri come on up! -Drago comes- now Drago i was impressed of the thing you did last night! So you earned my respect! Now people i have a treat your going to see a golden tag team match tonight its going to be me and dragoontri vs Heel Cat and The Lame Killer! ENJOY!!!!

WQ-Have you ever attended a WWE event?
WQ2-Whats your favorite WWE PPV
WQ3-Do you like the idea of WWE bringing back No Way Out and making it a Steel Cage PPV?


Promo: It seems like everyone is running away from what I say. Have I not made it clear I want Nexus one on one whenever. Also, when I said I have my Intercontinental Championship rematch clause, I meant it to be a one on one match, not a scramble with 7 other people. Anyways I could care less about the IC Title now. Cenation deserves it more than anyone in the Battle Royal. But Nexus is another story. Him I want. Cult, Stand, someone make it happen. Please, I want to show that b*tch a taste of the real world, not the one where he bows down to trolls. Let me teach that traitor a lesson. It seems like the WSE is now a place where the bad guys rule. COP is GM of two shows. Hes having Nexus host one of them. The Last Stand is resorting to cheap ways to retain his gold. He thinks -and hes probably going to drop me in the card for saying this- that just because he runs the place he has the authority to SCARE people into voting for him. Honestly, whens the last time he won a match? He used to be good, he used to be fair, but now it seems like the WSE revolves around him. He is the CEO, but that doesnt mean he has the right to put himself at the top. Give other people a chance for gods sake. Anyways, peace out.

Match card:
1. Just RKO em
2. Heel Wolverine and the Legend Killer
3. Die another day
4. Cenation

1. Yeah, twice in MSG and The Great American Bash in Unionsdale, Long Island. Also, I will be attending WrestleMania 29 in New Jersey.

2. WrestleMania, I love the matches and it is always a good show. Other great PPVs like Royal Rumble and SummerSlam have their flops here and there, but WrestleMania never fails to deliver.

3. No, Id rather have them keep a normal PPV before WrestleMania, because having Elimination Chamber ; 1) Makes it obvious the champ will most likely retain and 2) May injure superstars in the Chamber. Keep Elimination Chamber as No Way Out and move it to after WM.

Steven asks…

facebook tagging picture?

ok everyone on my friends have these pictures that have little stick people characters describing them. Example:
every class has:
a jokester a cute couple the out of the earth person etc.
and you tag the person in your friends list that best describes a character on the picutre.

my question is, where do you get these pictures???
what do you type in google images to find them?
thank you


Keep an eye on for these kind of images

John asks…

This girl i barely knowis my number2 on top stalker list and keeps comenting on my things?

So this girl i barely know is my numer 2 top stalker on facebook or fan check.
She’s like so weird and i hate to judge people but it’s kind of creeping me out.
She like comments on everything i do and even comments on what i say on my firneds wall and pictures of me and my friends where she’s not even tagged. I hade 16 notifications and it was alll her commenting on stuff that was on my facebook(pictures, stat, etc)
She goes to my school and at school she follows her best friend EVERYWHERE and her best friend is my friend too and says that she has to be around her everywhere and looks for her all around the school.
It’s kind of creeping me out because I dont even know her. I’ve never ever talked to her before ether.
What hsould I seriosuly do?
I dont want to be mean and block her or anyhting but i want her to stop comenting on my things becasue she’s asking weird questions like What’s you favortie color? or Do you like orange markers? And her comment isnt on what the main thing is.
So yeah and again what shold i do? I really dont want to be rude.

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You can put things to ‘limited profile’ if that helps…
For photos,notes and other things you put up, before you do, it always asks who you are allowing to be able to see this material..
There’s EVERYONE which means EVERYONE, including people you may not know and people that may not know YOU.
Only friends which is self explanatory
and there’s other options..but there’s one where you it says EVERYONE of your friends BUT …then you get to pick who the person/people that don’t get to see it. You can do limited they can only see SOME things on your wall and such.

Ken asks…

Do you possibly think he likes me? I know this is soo long but please read it all and help me!?

My 2 best friends and I go to this orchestra and we carpool there too. One of my best friends (Faith) goes to a different school district and a bunch of people at the orchestra go to her school. The other best friend (Tori) goes to my school. So I know a bunch a people through my friends. This year, this new kid Dave was here (he goes to my . He’s so flipping hott haha so Faith knew I liked him and gave me his cell number and told me to text him. Apparently Faith liked him too but we’re not like rivals cuz of that or anything. So on Facebook, there are these “tag your friends” pictures and Dave made one and didn’t tag me in it and only tagged Tori and Faith. So later i texted him and was like you meaniee you didn’t tag mee(: and he was like hahaha :p so then i asked him why he didn’t tag me and he was like idk… i don’t think any of them fits you perfectly… =] plus i wanna get to know you more. (the picture was the 25th on the list on
Dave’s friend Lucas was talking to me in orchestra since he sits right behind me and he was makin me laugh and stuff and Dave was like stop flirting with herrr xD
So do you think he possibly might like me? Thanks for all answers to this question =]
oh yeah, after i texted him back i was like ohh so that’s why you didn’t tag me ahaha i get it now.
he was like goodd


He likes you. If he didn’t he wouldn’t tell his friend to back off.

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