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Mandy asks…

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Help! My wife keeps scaring our daughter and ruining her childhood?

My wife has officially lost her f***ing mind. We have a 6 year old daughter and she’s currently in the process of mentally scarring her for life. Today we both took her to the park to play with her friends. They were playing tag and one little girl started singing ring around the rosie and my daughter started singing along. My wife then calls our daughter over and says “Adelaide, that song may sound really happy and nice but its really about dying in a terribly painful way. Its about people that get a disease that causes their skin to decay as they die slowly and painfully. I think its best you don’t sing it anymore.” We had to leave after that, I mean that was just the tip of her little “speech” and the other mothers didn’t appreciate my wife’s “lesson.” Its like she has no heart. How in the hell is it ever appropriate to tell a 6 year old that? We had a huge argument and she said once again we shouldn’t “lie” to our child. My wife is the type of person that thinks that parents that tell their kids little childhood lies like Santa Clause or something are the equivalent of Satan and if our daughter asks her a question she will NOT make any attempt to tell her the age appropriate version. I mean, she’s crazy! She’s ruined pretty much every nursery rhyme and fairy tale out there and has recently “forbade” fairy tales in our home. We argued about this for days and in her head she actually thinks telling our daughter stories will do her harm. She was going on and on and it was ridiculous. “Don’t tell her about the Tooth Fairy, it’ll damage her sense of safety! Don’t tell her about Red Riding Hood, promiscuity is wrong! Rapunzel is about rape and women subjugation!” The list is endless. I have no clue where she’s getting this from but I want the madness to stop. She’s always been a no nonsense type of person but this has intensified by a million since our daughter started school. I just want her to lighten up and be careful about what she says around her, I mean, this can’t be healthy for our child. Any advice?


Wow,,just wow.
Crushing the imagination of children,is so sad.
Age appropriate lies are not harmful nor will scar the child,Santa,the Easter bunny,the tooth-fairy.
It’s the important things in life,that we shouldn’t lie to our children about,not crushing their childhood imaginations.
I really do not know what to say,except wow.
Maybe it’s time for your wife to get in touch with her inner child within or at least be helped to remember what it’s like to be a 6 year old.
My question to her would be why is she in such a rush for your daughter to grow up and know the truths of the world?.Most parents try and shield the harsh realities from their children until they are at the age when they need to know the real truths and the harsh reality of the way the world is.Live a little and let the child dream,imagine and sing!.

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